Fees effective since January 1, 2018

All applications for registration must be accompanied by a $25 non-refundable application fee. All fees are due on the 1st of each month. Please provide post-dated cheques for each 6 month period that the child is registered.

We are very happy to have been accepted into the BC government’s new Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative program and to be able to offer the following reduced rates:

Daycare: 7:30–5:00 pm

  • Full time, 30–36 months old: $550 per month
  • Full time, 3–5 years old: $750 per month
  • 5 half days a week, 3–5 years old: $375 per month
  • 3 half days a week, 3–5 years old: $310 per month
  • 2 half days a week, 3–5 years old: $185 per month

Preschool: 8:30–11:30 am

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday (3 classes per week): $210 per month
  • Tuesday, Thursday (2 classes per week): $155 per month

We will be happy to assist you in completing Child Care Subsidy forms and applications. We also encourage parents to check out changes in the BC Child Care Subsidy program as beginning this fall, more financial help will be available to young families than ever before.

Allergy alert

Because we have children with life threatening allergies to nuts, we are now a nut free centre. We appreciate all your efforts to ensure that no nut products are put in your child’s lunch box.

Examples: peanut butter, nutty bread, almond butter, almonds, walnut muffins, etc.


We require all children in our care to be immunized. Please see ImmunizeBCOutside link for more information on current requirements for each age group. Children may not attend the centre on the days when they have received immunizations.

Earthquake procedure

In the event of an actual earthquake, these procedures will be followed. In addition, parents will be notified as soon as possible.

When the ground stops shaking

Wait for 60 seconds, then evacuate the building as quickly as possible. Once outside, staff will give first aid to children that are in need of immediate treatment. Other staff members will take attendance to see if there are any children or adults left in the building. If needed, an educator will re-enter the building to rescue trapped or seriously injured children/staff.

When evacuating

The following will be taken:

  • Medicines and first aid kits
  • Emergency back pack with children’s emergency cards
  • Cell phone
  • Flashlight, radio, batteries
  • Important papers/contacts
  • Water, food, sheets/blankets
  • Toys, only if possible, to help children during their disruption

Preplanned evacuation point

First, the children will be taken across the road from the centre to the park while injured individuals are attended to. If the children will need to be held for longer period of time the educators will bring children to Quadra School.

A message will be posted in clear view stating where the children can be found.

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