We are conveniently located on a quiet residential street close to the Quadra Tolmie intersection. Ample, free car and bicycle parking make pick up and drop off times safe and easy. Bus routes within walking distance include the #6 Quadra, #25 Maplewood, #17 Cedar Hill and #8 Interurban/Tillicum Mall/Oak Bay.


Fees effective since Feb 1, 2022

We are very happy to announce that on Feb 1, 2022 we were accepted into the $10-a-day Childcare Prototype Program. Meaning, the maximum fee charged for a full-time childcare space is $200 per month.

In addition, some families may also qualify for the Affordable Child Care Benefit, reducing their fees still further. We recommend all families investigate this program for possible assistance with their childcare fees: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/family-social-supports/caring-for-young-children/child-care-funding/child-care-benefit/qualify

We will be happy to assist you in completing child care subsidy forms and applications.


We strongly recommend that all parents ensure their children's immunizations are up-to-date before entering childcare. Please see ImmunizeBCOutside link for more information on current requirements for each age group.

Facebook Group Page

For a virtual peek into our program activities, aims and spaces please do check out the Parkdale Facebook Group page.

Earthquake Procedures

In the event of an actual earthquake, these procedures will be followed. In addition, parents will be notified as soon as possible.

When the ground stops shaking

Wait for 60 seconds, then evacuate the building as quickly as possible. Once outside, staff will give first aid to children that are in need of immediate treatment. Other staff members will take attendance to see if there are any children or adults left in the building. If needed, an educator will re-enter the building to rescue trapped or seriously injured children/staff.

When evacuating

The following will be taken:

  • Medicines and first aid kits
  • Emergency back pack with children’s identification papers
  • Cell phone
  • Flashlight, radio, batteries
  • Important papers/contacts
  • Water, food, sheets/blankets
  • The children's emergency 'Comfort Kits' as supplied by parents upon entrance to our programs

Preplanned evacuation sites

In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation from the building, the children will be taken to Jackson Park (across the street) to wait for immediate pick up. Should this site prove inappropriate for the needs of the children the educators will bring them to our secondary evacuation site at Quadra School.

A message will be posted in clear view stating where the children can be found.